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Laser treatment to stop smoking has become more popular recently because of its reported success. Usually one half-hour treatment with the laser is sufficient to enable you to quit smoking. The process, also known as low level, soft, or cold, laser treatment, is safe and painless. This is perhaps another reason for its popularity. Like many alternative treatments, laser therapy is not scientifically proven.

How Does It Work?

The stop smoking laser treatment is actually based on the principals of Chinese acupuncture. It relieves the physical craving for nicotine by stimulating energy points in the body which helps in the production of endorphins. Endorphins are produced naturally in our brains and white blood cells, and act as painkillers. Most laser treatment clinics also provide methods to help you get rid of the psychological habit of smoking.


Is it Successful?

Laser treatment claims a success rate as high as 85%.  The actual success may be lower and certainly depends on how well the overall treatment program has been designed. As we have said before all of the ways to quit smoking involve a two step process. First reduce the nicotine craving in the body and second, get rid of the (mental) habit of reaching for a cigarette.

Where Do I Go For Laser Treatment?

You need to receive the treatment from a certified operator. There are more and more clinics that now offer this service. Try the Yellow pages or Internet to find a provider in your area.



  Ways to Quit Smoking

Ways to Quit Smoking

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