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Nicotine gum is similar to the patch in that it slowly releases nicotine into the body. By gradually decreasing the dosage over time you can overcome the physical addiction to cigarettes.



How Does It Work?

Nicotine gum is similar to the nicotine patch in that provides the body with a specified amount of nicotine, and reduces the craving for cigarettes. You chew the gum for about 30 minutes until the nicotine is absorbed into the body.

You can chew a piece of nicotine gum anytime you feel the need for a cigarette, up to about 24 pieces per day.  Like the patch you must not smoke while you are following the program.

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Are There Side Effects ?

Nicotine gum is safe to use, but if you swallow it accidentally you may feel nauseous.


Is it Successful?
Like the patch the nicotine gum you have to be on the program for about 12 weeks for it to be effective. Even though you have beaten the craving for a cigarette, you still have to overcome the mental desire to smoke.


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