Ways to Quit Smoking - Cold Turkey

The 'Cold Turkey' method to quit smoking relies solely on will power. This is one of the traditional ways people have tried to kick the habit. You can either stop suddenly from one day to the next or first try a gradual reduction in the number of daily cigarettes you smoke.

Lots of people usually try this method before anything else because it's so easy to try and it doesn't cost anything! The problem is it often does not last and you resume smoking again.



How Does It Work?

If you have not been smoking long, say less than a year, the pure cold turkey method can work well for you. However if you have been smoking for a long time it's best to gradually reduce your need for nicotine by smoking progressively fewer cigarettes each day. Then try quitting altogether when you are down to just a few daily smokes.


Is It Successful?

Although many people have quit smoking cold turkey, it is not an easy method. You first have to overcome the physical need for nicotine, which in itself can be very difficult, especially if you just stop smoking overnight.

The smoking habit itself - the need to reach for a cigarette - is the hardest one to break over a long period of time. People who have quit have reported feeling the need for smoke years after they have quit. This is where pure will power comes in, and you just have to get over the instant craving.


Additional Help

If you are trying to quit smoking cold turkey you might want to try some of the support aids available like the hypnosis mp3 recordings that you can download directly. These motivational messages might just give you the extra help you need to quit for good. 


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