NicoDerm - Fact Sheet & User Reviews

What is the NicoDerm patch?
It is a small patch; similar to a band-aid that gradually releases nicotine through the skin throughout the day. Typically the patch would be applied to the upper arm, but anywhere above the waist will work. The patch lasts for 24 hours and then a new one is needed.


How does NicoDerm work?
Using the NicoDerm patch satisfies your craving for a cigarette by providing the body with small amounts of nicotine. By itself this will not cure you of the smoking habit. The dosage in the patch must be gradually reduced until your body no longer craves the nicotine. At this point you have cured yourself of the physical addiction to cigarettes.

Is NicoDerm Successful?
You are twice as likely to quit using NicoDerm than going cold turkey. You should use the NicoDerm patch over a period of about ten weeks for it to be effective. People who do this have been able to quit smoking successfully.

However you still need to overcome the mental desire for a cigarette, especially when you are stressed, or in social situations where you used to indulge yourself with a smoke.

Are There Any Side Effects of NicoDerm?
The NicoDerm patch is safe but some side effects can occur. These may include:

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness

  • Upset stomach

  • Diarrhea

  • Weakness

  • Blurred vision



If you are taking other prescription medicines or you have some types of health condition you may not be able to use Nicoderm. Check with your doctor! Also, you should never smoke while you are taking the patch you could get too much nicotine. Itís best to move the patch around on your body to avoid any skin irritation.


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Some NicoDerm Reviews From Actual Users

...yes they help tremendously! they help with the jittery nerves.  -Tom C, Yahoo answers

...I know two people on NicoDerm CQ who stopped smoking after 25 years of two packs a day.  - Bob.

...I have been a smoker for many years & those patches worked!  - JP

...If you are serious and allow it to work, yes they do.  - DAD, Yahoo Answers

What Does NicoDerm Cost?

The cost of the treatment is about $35 per week. This would be a total of $350 for the recommended 10 week program.




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