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Nicocure  is a herbal based remedy to help you quit smoking. It is a natural product that contains no nicotine or medication. Previously sold as a patch it is now available in pill form. Nicocure also comes with a support program to help you quit.

You can get Nicocure online at from the official Nicocure site.


How Does Nicocure Work?

Nicocure works on the same brain receptor cells affected by nicotine to reduce the cravings associated with cigarette smoking. It causes the brain to produce dopamine just like it does when you smoke.

As you continue to take Nicocure your physical desire for cigarettes decreases, without a lot of the usual withdrawal symptoms. If you do smoke while taking Nicocure, it causes an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Nicocure contains extracts from the herb Lobelia.  This medicinal herb has has been used for many years for treating mild depression, and to soothe the nerves. Ideal for people who wanted to quit smoking.


What is the Nicocure Support Program?

The program contains:

  • A lifetime membership to their online Stop Smoking Program.  When you place your first order of Nicocure, you automatically receive a lifetime membership to the Stop Smoking Program.

  • You also get access to a Stop Smoking Relaxation recording which you download. This recording re-enforces your desire to quit, and you can listen to it anytime you feel a need for a cigarette.


How Long Does It Take To Quit Using Nicocure?

A lot depends on each person's level of addiction to nicotine, as well as their will-power. Typically a period of anywhere from two weeks to two months is recommended.

What are the pros and cons of using Nicocure?


  • Nicocure is a natural remedy and does not contain nicotine or medications

  • It has no side effects (although it should not be used if you are pregnant)

  • Nicocure has a very high reported success rate (over 90%) although the actual figure is probably lower

  • Easy to use in pill form

  • Can be taken if you have other medical problems or are taking prescription drugs (but check with you doctor first)


  • Like other alternative and herbal remedies there is no research to prove it works

Are There Any Side Effects Of Nicocure?

  • Nicocure is a natural product and has no side effects

  • Pregnant women should not take Nicocure

Some Nicocure Reviews

 Nicocure patch really does work. ...the smokes tasted really bad. If you really want to quit...use Nicocure!!! I couldn't believe how it really works and it's all natural! I can't say enough about this patch!  - Annette

 So far so good with the help of Nicocure my nicotine cravings are hardly noticable and I haven't cheated yet...- Polly

My negative view of Nicocure was surprisingly changed after doing research on this formula... The main thing that swayed me was the results it gave people. I learned this after reading user feedbacks and emailing a few of its former users. - Tiffany C.

What Does It Cost?

Nicocure costs between $40 for a 10 day supply and $160 for a two months supply.

Where Can I buy Nicocure?

You can buy it at a online herbal outlets or directly from Nicocure.


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