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CHANTIX  (also known as Champix) is a prescription medication made by the drug company Pfizer to help you quit smoking. It contains no nicotine and helps reduce the urge to smoke. It is intended for adults, 18 and over. Chantix also comes with a support plan they call GETQUIT™ to help overcome the psychological urge to smoke.


How Does Chantix Work?

Chantix combats the effect of nicotine in your brain. The nicotine you inhale from cigarettes affects nerve centers (receptors) in your brain. This sends a message to another area in the brain which gives you a temporary feeling of pleasure. This doesn't last long however, and your body craves more nicotine.

Based on research, it is believed that Chantix helps keep nicotine from reaching the key receptors in the brain, and your desire for cigarettes diminishes. Chantix still provides the same feeling of satisfaction associated with smoking. You need to take Chantix for about 12 weeks.

What is the Chantix Support Program?

Chantix comes with a support program called GETQUIT™. The plan contains:

  • A step-by-step guide to quitting

  • A personalized Web site for tracking your progress

  • Support and advice to help you learn how to stay off cigarettes

  • Support for up to a full year

  • A toll-free support hotline to speak with a GETQUIT™ coach



What are the pros and cons of using Chantix?


  • Chantix is FDA approved

  • Chantix is not nicotine based, so you won't be addicted to the 'cure'.

  • You can start the program while you are still smoking to reduce withdrawal effects

  • Chantix has a good reported success rate (over 40%) which is better than Zyban.

  • Easy to use


  • Requires a prescription

  • It is a drug, and can have some side effects (See below)

Are There Any Side Effects Of Chantix?

The most common side effects of CHANTIX include:

  • nausea

  • sleep disturbance

  • constipation

  • vomiting

  • feelings of depression

  • pregnant women should not use Chantex

You need to take Chantix under a physician's supervision.


Some Chantix Reviews From Actual Users

.... smoke free for 2 months now with out real urges... and I didn't have faith in it.. but it works - Krane

I took Chantix from October through December of last year. If you can overcome the side effects as well as the behavioral addiction then you should be able to quit with Chantix. - Brett

Chantix works for me and for some reason, I'm not interested in alcohol any more, not even an occasional glass of wine. Its expensive but worth every penny when you think of how quickly you save the money you would have spent on the cigarettes - Natalie C.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of the treatment including the GETQUIT™ program, is about $200 per month. You should take Chantix for a twelve week period in total.

Where Can I buy Chantix?

You can buy it at a pharmacy with your doctor's prescription. You can also purchase it online.




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