You are on a long hike. You come to a wide expanse of flat land covered in short dry grass and scrub. As you walk across you come to a deep chasm in the earth. It seems to stretch for miles on either side. Fortunately, it’s only two feet wide and you can easily step across to the other side. When you’re there, things seem a little different, - better somehow. You’re not quite sure why. You take a step back across the gap; you want to make sure it’s easy to get back…You step over once more to the ‘new place’. You like it there. You carry on and decide you want to stay here – it’s better than the old place.

After some time in the new place you are out walking and you come across the deep chasm in the earth again. It’s still only two feet wide and you can get across. The land on your side however is now about three feet higher than the other side. If you step across to the ‘old place’ getting back again will not be so easy. You think about this for a while... Because you like it in the new place, you decide not to venture back. You turn around and leave the deep gap and the old place behind you.

So, when you feel the urge to light up a cigarette, think of the ‘new place’. How you like it, and how difficult it might be to return if you leave.