Stop Smoking Ultra Pack - Fact Sheet & User Reviews

The Stop Smoking Ultrapack consists of three natural products to help in the quit smoking process. Although they can be purchased separately, the ultrapack has been created to complement each other. Together they provide the maximum benefit for smoking cessation.


You can order the Stop Smoking UltraPack from the Native Remedies site.


What Does Stop Smoking Ultrapack Contain?

It contains the following three products:

  • Rx-Hale Tablets to help prepare your body for nicotine withdrawal before you quit

  • Crave-Rx Drops help reduce cravings and control your appetite to prevent weight gain during nicotine withdrawal

  • Triple Complex NicoTonic Tablets help to reduce the side effects experienced during nicotine withdrawal

  •  A download of the 'Stop Smoking Now' Program

How Does The Stop Smoking Ultrapack Work? tackling the quit smoking process with a combination of products that reduce the withdrawal symptoms and help a person conquer the craving for cigarettes.

You start by taking the Rx-Hale tablets a full month before you intend to quit. After you stop smoking, the Crave-Rx Drops reduce the craving for nicotine. The Nicotonic tablets are taken as needed to reduce stress and anxiety.


Is Stop Smoking Ultrapack Successful?

Many people say that this product has helped them to quit. At 'Ways-To-Quit-Smoking' we like this approach because it is drug-free and you are using the UltraPack products to quit naturally.

How Long Does It Take To Quit Using This Method?

The program covers a two month period.

What are the pros and cons of using the Stop Smoking Ultrapack ?


  • Stop Smoking Ultrapack is a natural remedy and does not contain any nicotine or medications

  • It has no side effects

  • Easy to use

  • Can be taken if you have other medical problems or are taking prescription drugs (but check with you doctor first)


  • Like other alternative and herbal remedies there is no medically-approved research to show how well it works

Are There Any Side Effects ?

  • Stop Smoking Ultrapack contains only natural products and has no known side effects

  • It's always a good idea to check with your doctor  before taking any medication.

Some Stop Smoking Ultrapack Reviews

 ...Using the Rx-Hale tablets for the first month before I stopped really helped to prepare me. -Monica

...I feel as determined as I did when I started and I am still determined that I never want to start smoking again - BMH

What Does It Cost?

Stop Smoking Ultrapack costs about $80 for a two months supply.

Where Can I buy the Stop Smoking Ultrapack?

You can buy the  Stop Smoking UltraPack from the Native Remedies website. This is a reputable supplier and they offer a money back guarantee.

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